We Support Creative

With decades of experience in the Motion Picture and Entertainment Marketing space, we have seen a few things! We know how to make great creative shine at every stage of post production, ensuring a flawless final delivery. We invest in new technologies to tell stories better. From Dolby Atmos to HDR visuals, put our team’s experiences and abilities to work, finishing your next great creative!

The Team

We are seasoned post production professionals of all types... Post Producers, Online Editors, Colorists, Sound Designers, Audio Mixers, Graphics & Visual Effects Artists, Film Finishers, VR, Gaming, and Web Technicians....

All here to help make your projects the very best they can be!

We cross the finish line together!


3 Resolve Bays for Online & Color

– Online Finishing: SDR & HDR in HD, UHD, 2k, 4K

– Color Correction & Grading

– Social Resizes: 1×1, 4×5, 9×16, etc.

– QC / Quality Control Checks for Picture

– Finish Preps for 3rd Party Vendors

– Supporting Assets from Avid & Premiere cuts

– Digital Cinema DCDM & DCP files

2 ProTools Audio Mixing Studios + Dolby Atmos

– Studio A – Surround Mixing: 5.1 / 7.1 / Dolby Atmos

– Studio B – Stereo & Surround Mixing 5.1

– Dialogue Clean Up

– Sound Design / Sweetening

– M&E Completion / Stems

– Soundfield Mixing for VR/AR

– VO / ADR Booth Recording

– Main Titles (2D & 3D)

– Integrated Graphic Design

– International Versioning

– Visual Effects (including wire and logo removal)

– Compositing

– Animated Social Subtitles

– Rotoscoping

– QC / Quality Control Checks

– Post, Graphics & VFX Supervision

– Transcriptions & CCSLs

– Music Cue Sheets & Licensing

– Stock Footage Listing & Licensing

– MPAA Submissions & Correspondence

– VFX Listing & Budgeting

– TASA Mixing Certifications

– Project Wrap Documentation